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Thrive Memphis

Enriches the lives of those with intellectual disabilities by meeting their social and recreational needs. 

A Special Place where those with Special Needs THRIVE.

It’s not easy being special. You stand out…or you don’t. You’re left out…or you’re kept in. Yet, you have social needs just like everyone else. That’s why Thrive Memphis was founded. Formerly known as The Exceptional Foundation of West Tennessee, ​Thrive Memphis is a non-profit organization providing social and recreational experiences for individuals with intellectual disabilities. We offer holistic programming in a safe, welcoming community for individuals with a variety of disabilities.

Who We Serve

Thrive Memphis is a welcoming community for individuals with a variety of disabilities including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Developmental Delay, Williams Syndrome, Prader-Willi, Rubenstein Taybi, and others who meet the organization’s participation criteria.

Important Dates

Fall 2023

August 14th – First Day of Fall Program

September 4th – THRIVE Memphis Closed (Labor Day)

September 25th – THRIVE Memphis Closed (Per JCC)

September 28th – THRIVE Memphis Closed (Drive For THRIVE)

November 20th-24th – THRIVE Memphis Closed (Thanksgiving)

December 15th – Last Day of Fall Program


Spring 2024

January 3rd – First Day of Spring Program

January 15th – THRIVE Memphis Closed (MLK Day)

February 19th – THRIVE Memphis Closed (President’s Day)

March 11th-15th – THRIVE Memphis Closed (Spring Break)

March 29th – THRIVE Memphis Closed (Good Friday)

April 22nd – THRIVE Memphis Close @ 4:00

April 23rd-24th – THRIVE Memphis Closed Per JCC

April 29th-30th – THRIVE Memphis Closed Per JCC

May 22nd – Last Day of Spring Program


Summer 2024

June 5th – First Day of Summer Program

June 12th-13th – THRIVE Memphis Closed Per JCC

July 3rd-5th – THRIVE Memphis Closed (4th of July)

July 26th – Last Day of Summer Program

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