Enrollment Info

Everything you need to know to enroll a participant

How Thrive Memphis Enrollment Works

Upon admission to Thrive Memphis, participants are assigned to one of three groups: Hudson House, Quincy House, or Willow House. These groups are assigned on social interests, available space, and staffing ratios rather than ability.

Our smaller focus groups encourage deeper social connections with other program participants, provide more opportunities for engagement, and create a sense of community. All groups engage in the same activities, however they typically occur on different days. Each house has a calendar of events for the month.

Participants gain enrichment through a variety of programming options. Our monthly calendars reflect a wide range of activities such as cultural field trips, health and wellness recreation, art, and much more.

Through purposeful engagement, participants adopt The Thrive Memphis Way: Excellence, Friendship, Worth, Teamwork.


Criteria for Enrollment

Participants attending Thrive Memphis must meet all five areas of our criteria.

  • Be at least 12 years old.
  • Exhibit independent self help skills (i.e. toileting, feeding without assistance, appropriate restroom conduct).
  • Follow simple instructions and participate in activities with minimal staff assistance.
  • Display established social maturity to the degree that they are able to interact appropriately with fellow participants.
  • Have physical, cognitive, and medical needs that do not require one-on-one assistance.


Exceptions to criteria will be considered if participant attends with an aid. Aids must have prior approval from the Executive Director of Thrive Memphis.

There will be a 30 day evaluation period to determine if our program is a good fit for participants.

Important Program Dates

Take a look at our Important Program Dates to see programming dates and holidays.


Fees vary depending on services provided. Additional fees may include special events and/or field trips.

All participants need to complete an enrollment form and pay the supply fee for each program period. If new to Thrive Memphis, please review our criteria before contacting us for an admissions interview. To arrange an admissions interview, please call (901) 387-5002.


If you still have questions or to set up an admissions interview, please contact us.